Social Media and email marketing

Social media and email marketing when used together can grow your business and meet you r goals. Customers, clients, members and prospects are chatting up a storm. They are posting on facebook, tweeting on twitter, posting videos on YouTube, blogging and engaging in conversations, sharing information, participating in forums etc.
If you are not taking part in the conversation where your customers and prospects are taking part, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Email and social media create a powerful marketing mix. Social media engages your audience, creates buzz and email marketing takes those conversations- and the relationships you’re building to the next level. If you tweet in the morning and the customer logs on in the afternoon, that follower may miss out on what you had to say. In this case email offers a more intimate level of contact with your customers.
Five things you need to know so that you can make the most of the social media and email marketing mix:
1. Increase social media presence so that you don’t miss out in reaching your target audience. Some people like streaming feed on twitter while others like postings on facebook. More professionally oriented people may use LinkedIn to build network and connections.
2. Invite your newsletter subscribers to follow you on twitter, become your fan on facebook and become a connection on Linkedin.
3. Repurpose snippets of articles you’ve already created (or aggregated) for your email newsletter. You don’t have to create brand new content to engage people on social networking sites.
4. Invite people to your website or your blog. When you post something on social networking sites always link back to your website, blog or newsletter archive.
5. Drive people to your website or blog, landing page and invite them to sign up for mailing list. Put the landing page link to your facebook page, twitter page, blog and other channels.
Tap into social media to engage customers in lively conversation. Then invite them back to your website, where they can learn more about your business and sign up for your newsletter.

Social Bookmarking and its uses

The age of Online Marketing is here! With new and interactive social media channels available, businesses and common people like you and me are realizing the potential of the online sphere.

One such aspect of Social Media Marketing is Social Bookmarking which helps drive traffic to your website. Advantages of SBM are many. Not only does it help build backlinks, it gets your website/ webpage indexed in a short span of time, which makes it easier to find a place in search engine rankings.

One can bookmark a favorite website, or link that is interesting, and which eventually gets more readers due to its content. The essentials of Bookmarking include having a good link/website, generating tags or keywords that people usually search for, having an attractive description which can be a quote, a review, an introduction to the link submitted etc. Tags and descriptions created by people who have used the site have a greater chance of being clicked and viewed than boring and dull content.

All these help you get the desired traffic to your website with search engine results that ultimately get you on top of the desired search.

Bookmarking also shows the perceived interest of other readers and its popularity. Links can be shared with friends, businesses and others that helps you share information faster and with ease. Also, its simple features like voting for your favorite link or adding comments gets the message across effectively. Also the website or page bookmarked gets categorized. Hence many sites such as Stumble Upon have categories to classify the same. Social Bookmaking acts as a database, where one can refer to the website and WebPages bookmarked and shared with people across the internet.

Delicious – the Social Bookmaking site established in 2003, gave bookmarking a whole new meaning and emphasis in the role of internet marketing. Now, sites such as Delicious, Stumble Upon, Digg, and Diigo among others are the most visited for sharing content online.

This is an inexpensive way to make visitors come back for more and get new visitors too!

Go ahead; share your thoughts on bookmarking!