Social Life of Teens

We have all been talking a lot about Social Media and its various business purposes, its way of connecting to millions of people and customers and the fact that it is a great medium to market your brand and yourself. We are all brands marketing ourselves in this dog-eat-dog world. Whether it’s at your work place or having an active wall and innumerous friends!

Generation Y is close to technology and has been experimenting with it, trying to figure out that communication is now just a click away! It is no wonder that the current generation breathes technology! According to findings from an Alloy Media + Marketing, some 71% of online teens and tweens visit social-networking sites weekly, and more than half of all teens fall into the age bracket of 9-17 year olds.

Social Networking is getting tweens and teens hooked onto the online medium, giving television a steady competition. My cousins who are 13 and 16 love the online medium! My 16-yr-old cousin is seen networking on Facebook and Orkut with great excitement and enthusiasm. As we have our old friends and current networks on our profile, more and more teens are making a great number of friends via social networking sites.

Adding a status update on the last exam you just goofed up to your crush on Edward Cullen, its all on your wall! Sharing latest school pictures and endlessly talking to your best friend is what teens want and they get it at a snap!

Gone are the days when internet was a way to just get your homework done, today it shows you how it needs to be done, with online discussions and conversations all there to help you. If your little teen sister meets you less often, don’t worry, its just that she has a wall to talk to!