Social Media for Public Relations

Social Media is changing the face of public relations. More and more clients want to incorporate social media with the traditional PR. Print media is not just enough these days for a company to reach out to their target audience. Digital media will play a bigger role in PR industry eventually. Social media in Public relations is slightly different from online Marketing. Social media in online marketing is about clicks, unique visitors, impressions, traffic to the website, leads and more. In digital PR clients do not look for clicks or traffic to their website, but more interested in interactions, member base and creating word of mouth through social media. Website or traffic is not important to such clients. The success metrics is measured on the basis of interactions through social networks and number of followers of their groups/pages. There are many people who do not post updates, tweet or comment, but they visit and read posts. Digital PR should start measuring visits, impressions and clicks. These metrics are as important as someone liking the post or comment. Social media makes public relations complete. Offline PR activity can be replayed online in social media and vice versa. Support traditional PR with aggressive social media to achieve a good ROI.