A Storify Of The India’s First Tweetcast Of An OrthoGlide Surgery

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    Welcome to the first live Tweetcast of an #OrthoGlide Knee implant. Follow #NovaKneeSurgery for live updates.
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 01:08:42
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    The Operation theater before the #orthoglide implant #NovaKneeSurgery http://pic.twitter.com/j9Ygr9yp
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 01:18:53
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    Dr. Peter Jensen from the US , briefing the people present about #orthoglide implant #NovaKneeSurgery http://pic.twitter.com/sLsNW8SH
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 01:36:24
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    Here’s a picture of the #orthoglide which will be used in today’s #NovaKneeSurgery http://pic.twitter.com/8uH99DNp
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 01:42:51
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    Dr. Peter Jensen with the X-Ray of the patient for today’s surgery #NovaKneeSurgery http://pic.twitter.com/d8dYrEvq
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 01:54:37
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    Dr. Peter Jensen, answering queries about #orthoglide implant before the #NovaKneeSurgery commences
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 01:56:49
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    The #OrthoGlide Medial Knee Implant is an innovative, minimally
    invasive design composed of a cobalt-chrome alloy. #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 01:57:18
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    Unique engineering of the #OrthoGlide implant provides positional
    stability without the use of traditional fixation methods #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 02:01:38
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    #OrthoGlide Clinical Objective – Significantly decrease pain and increase function. ~Dr. Peter Jensen #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 02:04:06
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    #OrthoGlide- Targeted Patient Population: Patient seeking alternatives to existing surgical options. ~Dr. Jensen #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 02:06:06
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    We just want to remind you that some of the contents of this #OrthoGlide #surgery may be Graphic in Nature. #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 02:09:20
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    The specially contoured geometry of the #OrthoGlide implant provides an open glide
    path, allowing for unconstrained motion. #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 02:17:06
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    The #OrthoGlide design #NovaKneeSurgery http://pic.twitter.com/bAuhnXrX
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 02:26:00
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    The surgery is about to begin in a few minutes. #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 02:26:50
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    The doctors have confirmed that the ACL is intact which would aid this surgery #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 02:38:42
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    Doctors making the first incision(PIC) #NovaKneeSurgery http://pic.twitter.com/1JTnpQ0a
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 02:40:17
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    The doctors are about to start with meniscectomy , and are removing the old cartilage #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 02:42:54
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    View from the Arthroscope (Pic) #NovaKneeSurgery http://pic.twitter.com/J7XEVqSD
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 02:48:07
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    Doctors are removing the cartilage now #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 02:51:16
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    Doctors shaving off the cartilage. (View from Arthroscope) #NovaKneeSurgery http://pic.twitter.com/5FOt30kO
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 03:10:27
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    The doctor has checked for enough space so that he can drop the lip and it looks fine #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 03:13:26
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    All the old cartilage which is hard has been shaved off #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 03:14:00
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    The doctor’s thumb is on the border of the patella now and he is about to make the incision. #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 03:18:04
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    After the incision the doctors have a good view on the anterior part of the Meniscus & are abt to remove the anterior horn #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 03:20:39
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    Doctors removing a remnant of the meniscus #NovaKneeSurgery http://pic.twitter.com/v7ELWzz6
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 03:26:03
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    Doctors are now using a reciprocating tool to smoothen the surface. #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 03:27:51
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    Doctors have inserted the test implant #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 03:35:45
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    “We have full extension and flexion” ~Doctors #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 03:37:29
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    The final implant dimensions are 4mm X 46mm #NovakneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 03:41:29
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    The implant has been inserted and doctors are checking for range of movement of the limb. #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 03:48:46
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    The doctors are now checking for the stability of the implant. #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 03:49:48
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    The doctors are now closing the incision with stitches #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 03:57:49
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    The view of the implant placed inside the incision #NovaKneeSurgery http://pic.twitter.com/W3ecruM2
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 04:08:04
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    The entire operation took approximately 1 hour and 20mins. #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 04:11:02
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    Thank you everyone for tuning in to India’s first live tweetcast of #OrthoGlide implant #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 04:12:15

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