World AIDS Day Digital Campaign by Durex

And here we are again posting about Durex. But this time there is a good reason to spread the word around their social media activation around the World AIDS Day 2012. The more people will help raising awareness around HIV, the more condoms Durex will donate to charity associations around the world. The target to reach is 2.5M condoms to donate. A pretty high number, that becomes even more impressive if you think that it is the same number of people infected with HIV last year.




World’s First in-house CrowdFunding Site Launched!

Crowdfunding is the buzzword these days. In my opinion its safe to say that crowdfunding is the evolved version of crowdsourcing. Here people are taking larger action, more responsibility than before . Based in the UK, Pledgeit is offering a fun way to raise money for cancer research and also help people fulfil their dreams.



Crowdfunding sites such as Watsi have already aimed to help pay for the healthcare of those abroad. Now,Pledgeit – based in the UK – is offering a fun way to raise money for cancer research and also help people fulfil their dreams.

Created by Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research as an in-house crowdfunding site, Pledgeit enables anyone to set up a challenge for their friends. In order to encourage them to complete the challenge – whether it is a dare or simply something they’ve talked about doing but never plucked up the courage – the subject’s friends and family must also pledge to donate money. Once enough money is raised that the subject can’t say no and the challenge is completed, the donations are collected and the subject is listed as an official ‘Pledgend’ on the site.

The benefit of Pledgeit is that, as it is run by the charity, there is no middle man involved to take fees and every single penny raised goes towards fighting cancer. How else can social fundraising online be made more fun?


Coca Cola Experience Marketing!

Now we can really say they are the masters of vending machines experience marketing. Have a look at the stunt they put together as part of their activations around the latest 007 movie. A train station, a mission, and 70 seconds to complete it.

In less than a week the video has received 3 million views and over 26K likes proves that experience marketing can be a great hook not just for those who “experience” it live in first person, but also for those who watch (and probably wish they were there). Experience marketing is the next big thing. It integrates online and offline media and brings out the best experience. Watch the video.