Social Media listening and beyond!

You did social media listening for your brand, now what?

Photo by Allie Wojtaszek (Flickr)
Photo by Allie Wojtaszek (Flickr)

Yes we all know that listening is an important aspect of ORM (Online reputation management). It gives you an idea on how your brand is perceived by the public. Any good social listening tools should give you at least the following report:
Share of voice
Volume of mentions
Frequent words
Topics/post types
Influence of people talking about you
Competitor comparison

You have got the above report. You have also organized your data in a fashion that makes both consumption and navigation easy. Now from the report you know the following insights…
1. Where your users are present – go and create your profile on those new platforms. Look beyond Facebook. There are various forums, review sites, etc where your customer queries are left without response. Please do respond to them first.
2. Competitors status- Learn from your competitors. If your competitors have good ratings or higher recommendations than your brand on review sites, find out what they are doing different. You might be responding to your customer’s feedback but do you really mean it what you say and willing to work on it. If not it’s about time you did it.
3. Influencers – you know who are they and how often they talk about you. Give them recognition, awards, information etc based on the influencer category and connect with them often. Consider them as an extended team of marketing department.
4. Topics – you know the most commons topics now. Produce interesting and shareable content around those topics. Create your thought leadership position.
5. Post types – you know the post types. You know what is bad, what is good and what is neutral. Create a response mechanism for each category depending on the conversation. If it’s a problem – solve it both online and offline, Enquiry – answer it, suggestion – appreciate. Check this video by McDonalds on how they respond to a customer query by going an extra mile.


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