8 Social Media Trends to look out for in 2017!

1. Live Video takes a front seat:

It was a trend that took off in 2016 and will continue to rise. Social media users are becoming fascinated with live, authentic and unpolished content. More are more businesses have started using the live video feature to raise awareness and engage the community. They also use live video service for customer service by hosting Q&A sessions and product demo. Facebook Live and Periscope are among the most popular platform, however Instagram live video will also rise without a doubt.360 degree video is another format to look out for in 2017. Business will also greatly benefit from this technology.

2. Fake news on the Rise:

2016 saw the rise of “Fake news” on social media. Platforms such as Facebook will come up with tighter rules to curve fake news. The news outlets that publish fake news will no longer be allowed to advertise on Facebook and their reach will go down organically as well.

3. Chatbots and Social Messaging:

It’s still early to say how Chatboats will fully automate the way brands interact with customers. The primary objective of Chatboats is to efficiently assist customers with shopping, booking and completing a transaction and not replacing the human interaction entirely. As consumers become more used to chatting with bots, the use of artificial intelligence will increase, allowing brands to enhance their customer service experience. Facebook had integrated them within Facebook Messenger, and some of the brands are using them to communicate with customers. Social Messaging on the other hand will also rise at the same time. Brands will take users directly to a chat window through ads.

4. Social Commerce:

With the increasing popularity of mobile browsing, platforms are offering ways for users to purchase products from directly within the apps. This trend will continue to rise and brands will invest more on social commerce to sell products and services. Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest already offering ecommerce features and Snapchat has also joined them in the race.

5. Disappearing content and facial lenses:

Disappearing or a short-lived content is a great way to showcase the other side of the brand. Snapchat has introduced this feature and made it huge in 2016. Now Instagram has recently introduced the same feature with the ability to share live ephemeral video, too.

It goes without saying that Facebook copied all the popular features from Snapchat. The competition for artificial intelligence lenses could heat up between Facebook and Snapchat in 2017.  Let’s wait and see who beats whom in the race.

6. Mobile advertising will continue to grow and become more competitive:

Last year, Facebook generated more than 7 billion USD from social ads and 80% of them came from mobile ads. Twitter mobile ad revenue increased in 2016 and it’s likely to grow more in 2017. Snapchat introduced a new advertising API that makes it easier to buy ad space. Shoppable Instagram lets users buy products directly by clicking on a CTA the app.

7. Virtual Reality and social media will merge:

Brands will offer immersive experiences through virtual reality integration at the platform level and at the campaign level. With Facebook acquiring Oculus, it will be interesting to see how they will adopt VR in its platform. Apple is rumored to be announcing a new virtual reality platform in 2017.

8. Organic Facebook content will have less reach:

Unless users click on “see first” on your page, they won’t automatically see your post on their news feed. The new algorithm will prioritize posts from family and friends over other sources. So it will be a good idea to communicate while running a fan acquisition campaign, to change the setting from “default” to “see first” when a user clicks “Like” on your business Facebook page. It has become more of a paid marketing tool this year.

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