World AIDS Day Digital Campaign by Durex

And here we are again posting about Durex. But this time there is a good reason to spread the word around their social media activation around the World AIDS Day 2012. The more people will help raising awareness around HIV, the more condoms Durex will donate to charity associations around the world. The target to reach is 2.5M condoms to donate. A pretty high number, that becomes even more impressive if you think that it is the same number of people infected with HIV last year.




Stop the Water While Using Me

A German Company takes a unique approach to make the brand stand out in the crowd. Instead of a regular brand name, it operates under a message Stop the water while using me. All products are made of natural ingredients, packaged in biodegradable containers, which is not a new concept though. Water is the foundation of life and everyone knows how important it is to save water, yet no one does that. Everyday water is wasted while brushing teeth, washing hair or lathering up. The products encourage and remind people to save water right there where water is used. Do watch the video and remember to save water.



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