A Storify Of The India’s First Tweetcast Of An OrthoGlide Surgery

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    Welcome to the first live Tweetcast of an #OrthoGlide Knee implant. Follow #NovaKneeSurgery for live updates.
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 01:08:42
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    The Operation theater before the #orthoglide implant #NovaKneeSurgery http://pic.twitter.com/j9Ygr9yp
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 01:18:53
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    Dr. Peter Jensen from the US , briefing the people present about #orthoglide implant #NovaKneeSurgery http://pic.twitter.com/sLsNW8SH
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 01:36:24
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    Here’s a picture of the #orthoglide which will be used in today’s #NovaKneeSurgery http://pic.twitter.com/8uH99DNp
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 01:42:51
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    Dr. Peter Jensen with the X-Ray of the patient for today’s surgery #NovaKneeSurgery http://pic.twitter.com/d8dYrEvq
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 01:54:37
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    Dr. Peter Jensen, answering queries about #orthoglide implant before the #NovaKneeSurgery commences
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 01:56:49
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    The #OrthoGlide Medial Knee Implant is an innovative, minimally
    invasive design composed of a cobalt-chrome alloy. #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 01:57:18
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    Unique engineering of the #OrthoGlide implant provides positional
    stability without the use of traditional fixation methods #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 02:01:38
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    #OrthoGlide Clinical Objective – Significantly decrease pain and increase function. ~Dr. Peter Jensen #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 02:04:06
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    #OrthoGlide- Targeted Patient Population: Patient seeking alternatives to existing surgical options. ~Dr. Jensen #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 02:06:06
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    We just want to remind you that some of the contents of this #OrthoGlide #surgery may be Graphic in Nature. #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 02:09:20
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    The specially contoured geometry of the #OrthoGlide implant provides an open glide
    path, allowing for unconstrained motion. #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 02:17:06
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    The #OrthoGlide design #NovaKneeSurgery http://pic.twitter.com/bAuhnXrX
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 02:26:00
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    The surgery is about to begin in a few minutes. #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 02:26:50
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    The doctors have confirmed that the ACL is intact which would aid this surgery #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 02:38:42
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    Doctors making the first incision(PIC) #NovaKneeSurgery http://pic.twitter.com/1JTnpQ0a
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 02:40:17
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    The doctors are about to start with meniscectomy , and are removing the old cartilage #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 02:42:54
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    View from the Arthroscope (Pic) #NovaKneeSurgery http://pic.twitter.com/J7XEVqSD
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 02:48:07
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    Doctors are removing the cartilage now #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 02:51:16
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    Doctors shaving off the cartilage. (View from Arthroscope) #NovaKneeSurgery http://pic.twitter.com/5FOt30kO
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 03:10:27
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    The doctor has checked for enough space so that he can drop the lip and it looks fine #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 03:13:26
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    All the old cartilage which is hard has been shaved off #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 03:14:00
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    The doctor’s thumb is on the border of the patella now and he is about to make the incision. #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 03:18:04
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    After the incision the doctors have a good view on the anterior part of the Meniscus & are abt to remove the anterior horn #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 03:20:39
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    Doctors removing a remnant of the meniscus #NovaKneeSurgery http://pic.twitter.com/v7ELWzz6
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 03:26:03
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    Doctors are now using a reciprocating tool to smoothen the surface. #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 03:27:51
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    Doctors have inserted the test implant #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 03:35:45
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    “We have full extension and flexion” ~Doctors #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 03:37:29
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    The final implant dimensions are 4mm X 46mm #NovakneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 03:41:29
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    The implant has been inserted and doctors are checking for range of movement of the limb. #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 03:48:46
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    The doctors are now checking for the stability of the implant. #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 03:49:48
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    The doctors are now closing the incision with stitches #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 03:57:49
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    The view of the implant placed inside the incision #NovaKneeSurgery http://pic.twitter.com/W3ecruM2
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 04:08:04
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    The entire operation took approximately 1 hour and 20mins. #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 04:11:02
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    Thank you everyone for tuning in to India’s first live tweetcast of #OrthoGlide implant #NovaKneeSurgery
    Sun, Apr 15 2012 04:12:15

The relationship between Facebook and digital natives

Well, yes Facebook crosses milestones faster than any social network and we all do our best to catch up with it. Why be left behind in a world where art, music, technology, marketing is talking about the greatness of this amazing platform.

To be honest, we got to keep up with the world, thanks to the advancement in technology in our professional and personal lives. But how much of us are we ready to let the world know. It’s a known fact that a Facebook user has an average of 150 friends. I know people who have 3000+ friends and I admire their social skills both online and otherwise. There are times when you don’t want to update personal stuff cause you like it that way and there are times when there’s nobody to talk to but the wall!

Facebook has created an amazing platform for communicating with just anybody we want to, but the overdose kills you. Being in social media, it’s a must to know the in and out of these channels or how will I market my brand to its customers, how will I retain those million of customers who want to know just about every detail of the product?! And then there are the repercussions, the stress can kill you! Other hazards that come with Facebooking is the privacy. Where is it or is there any? We all love gossip and voyeurism, it’s exciting to know the relationship status of your ex or your new crush, its fun to tag friends in wild party pictures, its easy as a pie to call it off in any relationship and many more! And then there is the rapid growth with which tweens and teens are Facebooking. Parents got to know that cyber crime cannot be ignored. It’s an A when the kid wants to be on Facebook liking Pages that make no sense. Parents got to monitor their kids, given the rise of crimes and frauds that take place. There are many positives to Facebook too. Personal level, yes you get to meet your long last buddies or your class-mate you never spoke to. It’s just a great tool to build your network professionally. If you ask me, I would choose Facebook for the innovation it provides companies, organizations and public figures to reach out to people. Its overwhelming! But yes, everybody wants to be on Facebook, including me!

Love it or hate it, we definitely cannot ignore it! At least for us social media enthusiasts for whom our bread and butter relies on it. Till we see another MySpace story, Happy Facebooking!

The New Twitter!

Twitter users use many of the third party applications to tweet; some of them are TweetDeck, Hootsuite and EchoFon. They make it easier to manage followers, conversations, replies, retweets and the like. Scheduling and posting tweets via these third party apps is what most Twitterers do. Applications can be desktop, and mobile.

New Changes in Twitter have been announced. One is all applications are now required to use OAuth to access Twitter account. This means one can access Twitter applications without the password, except for desktop and mobile applications. All applications one has authorized will be listed at http://twitter.com/settings/connections. This helps to revoke access to any application at any time from the list.

Another change is the use of t.co which wraps links in tweets, which shows the actual domain and a part of the URL. This lets users know where exactly they are clicking. All links shared via Twitter and third party apps will be wrapped to a t.co URL.

The design of the new Twitter is also being talked about. One can check bios without navigating from the page.  More information about the content will be shown such as replies, other Tweets by that user, a map of where a geotagged Tweet was sent from, and more. It allows for keyboard shortcuts, it will let one see the real name rather than the Twitter name of the user and many others.

If the tweets link to a photo or video, Twitter lets one view them in the right-hand column.  Thanks to partnerships with Flickr, Twitgoo, TwitPic, TwitVid, Vimeo, and YouTube among others. There are several other new perks, including location maps, mini profiles, new error messages and improved landing pages.

This means will third party apps die? Will people open a desktop client and manage their Twitter account?  Third party apps like TweetDeck, Seesmic, Hootsuite allow scheduling, and manage multiple accounts.  That is why most businesses and consumers use these apps to make life simpler.

With the amazing features being rolled out by Twitter, people will more likely use the new Twitter if it offers the various features that third party apps do. For now, we need to wait and watch how well the new Twitter fares and if it will bid farewell to third party apps which most of us use.